Undergraduate research opportunities

Core V research project (Year 2)

You can take this 10-credit module in Semester 2 of Year 2, to undertake guided research on a specific topic with a member of staff.

  • 2019/20: Judeo-Spanish Linguistics

Paid internship (Years 1-3)

You can apply for a College of Arts and Law Undergraduate Research Scholarship to work on a current research project with a member of staff for five weeks over the Summer.

  • 2018/19: Grammars under threat: Documenting the ‘DNA’ of Judeo-Spanish (scholarship awarded)

Dissertation: Individual study module (Year 4)

This year long 20-credit module is a compulsory component of the final year of the Modern Languages degree. You can choose a research topic from a broad list of areas offered by supervisors, and can design your specific research topic and project yourself (with the guidance of your supervisor).

  • 2019/20: Linguistics (departmental or subject-specific in French, Portuguese, Spanish,  Catalan): comparative linguistics, historical linguistics, linguistic variation, linguistic theory, language documentation
  • 2018/19: Linguistics (Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan)
  • 2017/18: Spanish Linguistics