Graduate research supervision

I am always happy to discuss dissertation topics with prospective (graduate and undergraduate) supervisees, especially those studying Linguistics and/or Spanish, Portuguese or other Romance languages.

I am particularly interested in supervising or co-supervising research projects in areas including but not limited to the following:

  • Theoretical, descriptive, comparative and/or general linguistics, especially (morpho-)syntax;
  • Linguistic diversity and variation;
  • Hispanic and Romance languages and dialectology;
  • Understudied/endangered languages;
  • Historical and synchronic linguistics;
  • Language policy;
  • Language and linguistics in education;
  • Spanish; Portuguese; Galician; Catalan; Astur-Leonese; Mozarabic/Andalusi Romance; Mirandese; Navarro-Aragonese; French; Occitan; Italian; Romanian; Latin;
  • The Romance family and its branches (Ibero-Romance, Gallo-Romance, Italo-Romance, Daco-Romance).

I have previously supervised PhD and undergraduate projects on Spanish morphosyntax; the syntax-semantics interface in Spanish and English; Spanish phonology; comparative Hispanic dialectology; Spanish dialects in diachrony; Judaeo-Spanish (translation project).

Fully-funded, 3.5yr interdisciplinary (comparative literature/linguistics/digital humanities) PhD project as part of the Forest Edge Doctoral Scholarship Programme 2018/19 (Leverhulme Trust/University of Birmingham). Applications for this position have now closed.

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