#DOCUMENTATULENGUA is a ‘citizen science’ project that I have been running since 2015. Its aim is to document lesser-known languages/non-standard Romance dialects of the Iberian Peninsula.

Participants are asked to answer some basic questions about their linguistic history (e.g. how many languages spoken, since when), and then to translate approximately 40-50 sentences into their native Iberian dialect/language.

The latest (2017) version is available in Spanish/English below:

Portuguese, Catalan and Galician versions are forthcoming later in 2018. If you would like to complete an older version of the survey in one of these languages, please email me at a.corr(at)bham.ac.uk.



I have recently begun a British Academy/Leverhulme-funded documentation project on theĀ grammar of Judeo-Spanish,, a language considered critically-endangered by UNESCO, which will identity the distinguishing structural characteristics of this branch of Ibero-Romance and the linguistic ‘distance’ between Judeo-Spanish and modern Spanish varieties from the morphosyntactic perspective.

If you are interested in getting involved in this project, please contact me at a.corr(at)bham.ac.uk.

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